Friday, November 6, 2015


so this morning after a 2 hour meltdown, Jason has decided he is going to call the cops on me and i'm going to jail.  For what you ask..because I will not let him play on my after several attempts to call grammy then pa then nana and daddy and sissy he has now resorted to calling the cops and send me to jail. so I will be sitting here waiting patiently for the cops to come while he is calling them on a phone that does not work. Where I live the cops have a spot right up the road where they sit to catch speeders, well you can see if they are sitting there from my front porch. He has even gone out on the porch to see if he can see the cops so they can come get me. He has even threatened to tell ho ho so he can bring me cold (coal).I guess I am in big trouble.He has also threatened to take my money and go buy his own tablet (at cumberland farms)which by the way for those of you who don't know is a gas station, I was also assaulted with a dish towel.
at least now things are calmed down he is now fixing the dinner table and the broken phone because he couldnt call the cops but assured me that when its fixed he will be calling them still
baby is still laughing
layla is fixing the table with jason
and I guess you all better look for my mug shot on the evening news