Saturday, September 19, 2015

A moment of silence please to remember Jason's dearly departed toenail

Apparently someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning to say the least...we have all had these days. This morning while getting Jason dressed (3 yo) I notice we have a peeling toenail so I get the clippers and clip the toenail..At this point toenail flies in the air across the floor and I didn't reach it in time before the dog ate it..This has sent jason into a 45 min meltdown..Every two mins through the crying i hear laya ate my toenail,me sad mommy I'm like dude it was a toenail "me love toenail". All of a sudden things turn violent...(dun dun dun) he gets out his chainsaw and is now "cutting up layla" and since this is not a real chainsaw after cutting up laya and screaming give me back my toenail, he notices baby laughing at him. Now stuff is about to get real he then proceeds to yell at baby for laughing at him and informing her layla has eaten his toenail. Then he says mommy me mad me flip baby who is sitting in her bouncy seat. Whoa that is not necessary baby did not eat your toenail DO NOT FLIP BABY!!!...Now we are on part 2 of meltdown where the snot and drool start to flow...(sigh)
Baby is still laughing
Layla has been "cut up"
and as we speak there has been a brutal attack on a harmless furby with a play hammer
A moment of silence please