Sunday, September 27, 2015


I'm in the bathroom trying to pee when the door fly's open and 3 yo says to me "my baby eat tools" "my baby get strong" me: um ok shut the door!!!! so I come out  of the bathroom and peyton is standing in front of the couch and jason says see mommy baby stand , baby get strong, eat your tools baby and tries to give her a hammer which she takes and hits him with.I always wonder what goes on in these kids brains. I also wonder does he really think that eating tools makes you strong? Am I going to find him tomorrow eating actual tools or maybe some nails? Who knows i suppose its always a possibility with him.
So boys went outside and I decided it would be a good time to sweep and mop the floors. Yesterday I had bought a new mop this one is just a cheapo but I got it because it has a scrubber on it and lord knows with dogs and kids I definitely need a scrubber. But anyway I get the floor swept and start mopping and julia says to me wow that mop makes the floor look thinner. This is where if i were a comic strip my little thought bubble pops up and I'm thinking WTF!!lol. SO I continue mopping and she is watching me and she says I can see you doing good things with this mop its a winner. Thought I just cant help myself and say you can see me doing good things with this mop like what? helping the homeless? rescuing a cat from a tree?world peace? I'm really not quite sure what your going for here..she says laughing at me no I meant it cleans the floor good. ok well maybe you should have just said that cause I was a little confused about what good things I was supposed to do with this mop. So floor is dry and boys come back in and julia is showing off my new mop (btw $7 at the dollar store) and they are all looking it over like I just bought a ferrari and are complimenting me on my new mop like it just saved the day...Super mop !!! " our floors are gonna get super clean with that thing"
sometimes I just shake my head in amazement
now we are back to bumps on a log the excitement of the new mop has come and gone
baby is still lauging
layla is outside barking at rocks
and as of this moment no toys have been injured
so eat your tools,get strong and make sure your mop can do good things...