Friday, September 25, 2015

SHOWER TIME !!!! wash your hair ,wash your body and don't forget to wash your bones

Today's story is an old story mixed with a new story,one that has had me laughing many times.
Last year out of no where julia had asked me if she had bones under her skin and I told her yes its called a skeleton.She of course asked me what a skeleton was , so I googled skeletons for her to show her what your bones looked like.So we are scrolling through the pictures and we come across a picture of a skeleton that was being dug up from the ground all covered in dirt.She says to me in a very serious manner "mommy that persons bones are all dirty" I reply with yes those people are digging it up from the ground. She is sitting next to me with a very concerned look on her face and I ask her whats the matter. Her reply was priceless."Well all I'm saying is if my skin is off like that and my bones get dirty I will take a shower before I put my skin back on because I do not want dirty bones under my skin that would be so gross"At this point I have no words other than hey its always important to be clean inside and out.
Now that brings us to this mornings discussion. Robbie (the other 6yo) is having a bit off a cough and says to julia I need to go to the doctor cause I can't stop coughing. Out of no where julia says to him maybe your bones are dirty thats why your sick. He says to her yeah I guess maybe, I was doing a lot of running around yesterday I could have breathed in dirt and it stuck to my bones.She then says well you know you will have to take your skin off to wash them. He says how do you do that. She says I don't know probably mommy will help you.Then I said NO I am not helping you take off your skin your bones are fine, I ask robbie did you take your skin off outside yesterday? "no" I said then your bones are fine no need to wash them your good.
Now I have two very concerned 6 yo about the cleanliness of their bones.Then out of no where I have a 3 yo who says me got dirty bones me take bath. At this point I'm just like no one has dirty bones,I will not be taking anyone's skin off everybody just relax, besides you don't get a cough from dirty bones you get a cough because its going to be cold season soon.
two 6yo look at me "ok"in a very happy tone.
They have been in school for an hour and I am still arguing with tarzan who is dead set on washing his bones.....thank you julia!!!