Thursday, September 17, 2015

all hail dinner rolls

SO!!!! that the kiddies are off to school and my other kids i babysit for are here and eating I have a few mins.Question of the day you and your husband/significant other ever have an argument about something so ridiculous that when it is over your like well that was about the stupidest thing we ever argued about. Yeah well you ready for this one ..a dinner roll yes my friend s we had an argument about dinner rolls.
ok so here is the story ....husband was outside doing whatever husbands do outside an i was making dinner.well dinner had been cooking in the crockpot all ask whats for dinner as they see me making some dinner rolls , I say beef stew, I get the eww we dont want beef stew, ok well then you are not getting dinner rolls i am only making those for people who are going to eat beef stew....ok they said ..well dad finally comes in the house and gets his dinner in which he grabs said dinner rolls and all of a sudden cause dad is eating we all need to have a dinner roll to which I respond no ...then folks all hell breaks loose..husband says you cant deny them food a shocked and angered look comes across my face I answer in the nicest way possible for me ....want to make a bet i can.. i explain loudly how said children were told if they did not eat said beef stew they were not getting said dinner rolls .. I thought this was perfectly legit in my eyes but husband person thinks im wrong...any thoughts parents?
and btw the children had chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and a fruit cup for their dinner so i dont think the lack of a dinner roll sent them into starvation mode...but just so you know how the story ends children got a dinner roll and husband refused to eat his food...I welcome all opinions on this matter
now its off to bake 50 cupcakes and two smash cakes Happy Parenting !!!