Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let's have a beer!!

ok so this little bit I had to share. My 3 yo son has decided he drinks beer. I dont know where he gets this from since we don't drink but alas he needs to have his "beer" which is literally anything ffrom lipton sparkling tea to Worcestershire sauce. lol let me explain todays incident .....
He goes into the fridge and comes back with a bottle of franks red hot and says in his caveman voice "mama me beer" to which I respond mmhmm ,why don't you open that beer and take a drink and tell me how that tastes i've been looking for a new beer. So what does he do as I watch in amazement that this person came from my body as he takes a swig of franks red hot at 8am this morning...well i can tell you this the look on his face was priceless and i was crying as he swallows and says " good put back ok mommy" at this point I am at a loss for words as he goes into the bathroom and spits in the toilet.upon exiting the bathroom I then ask good beer huh? "yeah save for later" ok you do this aweful am I a bad parent who cares it was funny and i promise no 3 yo was hurt during this event...maybe he wont end up an alcoholic lol