Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The truth in pajama pants

so for all of those who are reading that are not poor I don't choose to be a stay at home mom i'm here because i can't afford to work. Yes you heard that correctly i can not afford to work!! I have four children two 6 yo 1 3 yo and a 9 month old. With the price of day care i would really only be working for free. So you ask what is my plan well here goes i babysit and i make cake neither which are very profitable. I am 38 years old with a college degree and a resume most people would kill for and yet here I am at home on my computer writing a blog. Now that you have heard all that mumbo jumbo I'll give you a look at my day.

6:oo am wake up !!! yay..stumble downstairs for some coffee while i wait for my husband to take 20mins to wake up..i am sometimes mopping the floor by the time he gets down stairs because we have 2 dogs and one likes to pee on our floor so before i wake any children up i'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and i have other peoples children coming and frankly i just have in the long line of tasks is to wake up children this by far is the worse job i have to do all day . Because then its fights what to wear for school how warm how cold blah blah blah w.e. wear a bathing suit and a winter least that's what i feel like telling them sometimes.then comes making lunches ..lets face it this isn't tv and i don't make them ahead of time im too busy cleaning up everyone's crap at the end of the day then for about 5 mins my day is awesome kids get on the bus its quiet literally for 5 mins then my other kids start to arrive then for the next 8 hours its changing diapers and we all know everybody has to poop at the same time
ok ill speed it up the kids come home from school theres homework then playing outside then pick up of other kids then dinner then showers then bed.....for the kids then now i have to clean do dishes laundry sweep and mop floors again to get ready for the next day and i do this 7 days a week except for school obviously. And sometimes if i'm lucky i get to throw cake making in there too like tomorrow i have to babysit 3 babies and make 2 cakes and 50 cupcakes that look like bears. all while my husband gets to spend the day at work i'm so jealous.Finally it is bedtime for me maybe around 10 if im lucky.I quite often see my friends post on facebook having some wine ..who gets time for wine not this girl i'm lucky if i get to smoke some cigarettes..oh god yes i smoke and i dont care i smoke outside so criticize all you want ..thats how i keep my sanity because kids dogs husband.most of the time i live in pajamas with my hair up looking like who knows what.A shower during the day is what i dream of and wearing jeans for longer than a 5 min trip to the store.
im curious if anyone else lives like this.well at the end of the day my house is spotless kids are fed homework is done and everybody has clean clothes..oh did i mention dinner is always homecooked no boxed crap here and im pretty proud of that
so you ask whats on the menu tonight ..well im glad you asked we will be having chicken marsala over pasta with broccoli and a side of cheese for the kids hey and if you want a kid friendly version of that just ask i will be glad to college degree is a bachelors of culinary arts so thats the beginning.tomorrow we will talk about something a little more interesting