Friday, September 18, 2015

"Real Fact" #791 the average person takes 23,000 breaths a day

"Real Fact" #792 moms gonna whoop your ass if you don't stop the wwe pay per view in my living room, vaulting over baby and assaulting the dogs. At which point 3 yo child runs over and punches me in the vagina screaming mama me fight!!! How about you have a beer and calm yourself ,put some hair on your chest."me don't want beer" me have boobs !! how did boobs get brought into the subject? BABY!!! (talking to 9mo baby) BABY!!! me have boobs......awesome. now the baby is laughing at him "baby want a beer" BABY!!! you drink beer..No baby doesn't want beer and baby already has boobs she is laughing at you because you talk like tarzan.
two 6yo.....are supposed to wear yellow to school today to show support for cancer awareness
one child is wearing yellow other is not...where is your yellow shirt i have yellow on my shirt.where??hold on let me get my glasses cause i can't see where you have yellow on your shirt..right there ok well an old spaghetti sauce stain is not the equivalent to wearing yellow go put on the shirt I picked out..why?? cause its god damn cancer awareness day and you will show your support with more than a shirt with a yellow stain on it!!!
ok dont have to yell..That's what like at least 900 breaths? I'm definitely going over the 23,000 breath limit today. all before 7:30 am can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings..