Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stay tuned... when we return another 50 minute meltdown brought to you... by one disgruntled sister

My 3 yo is by far the funniest child I have. Some of the things he does and says really just blow my mind. Yesterday was a day filled with many crazy moments and of course meltdowns.
So after we got over the toenail incident it was time to pick up 6 yo sister (julia) from a sleepover birthday party.We get to their aunts house pick up a disgruntled sister then since we were in the area we head to hannaford to pick up some "baby crap" as jason calls it well at least I think that's what he's calling it who knows..just baby formula anyway anyone who has shopped at hannaford with children knows they have the karts with the red and yellows cars attached, well that is spotted right away by jason so we have to have this huge kart for like 4 items what ever I really don't care but disgruntled sister was like "really jason !! your so embarrassing ,mommy can't we just leave him in the truck." I said sure thanks for wanting me to go to jail,she then says if you park way back there no one will see him..yeah that's a perfect!!we are not going to leave him in the truck. so we head in to get our items and he is driving the crap outta this car making the whole thing fly sideways i almost hit several people and displays.we get to the vegetable section to get a cucumber and there is a man standing there and of course in his loudest voice he shouts watch out man me run you over!! to which disgruntled sister rolls her eyes and says why do we have to take him we finish our shopping and head to self checkout. as I am checking out he proceeds to get out of his car turn the kart sideways and lay on the floor under the car like hes fixing it ,stands up and says to the lady next to us who is taking pictures of him and says lady don't worry me fix wheel broken, gets back under and continues to "fix" while im paying.i'm done he gets back in and we are leaving ,he is driving and letting everyone know very loud that he has fixed the car all the way out of the store and into the parking lot. as we are driving home he is letting disgruntled sister know every 2 mins he fixed the car.finally out of anger for the whole situation she  decides to tell him he didnt fix anything and that he never fixes anything cause he is a big dummy and she never wants to go anywhere with him again because he is the worst brother ever....big for the next hour is another meltdown over fixing the car
baby is still laughing
laya has been "cut up" yet again
and there was another brutal attack on the furby with a chuck taylor