Tuesday, September 22, 2015

For the love of god...somebody call an interpreter

 As you all know 3yo child talks like tarzan and for the most part i can decipher what he is saying however this morning I was having a bit of trouble. He comes out to the kitchen while i'm doing dishes and says "rum gone" I'm like what? Rum? what are you a pirate,this whole drinking thing really needs to stop first beer now rum?He says no mommy rum ...yeah I heard you we don't have any rum and if we did you can pretty much bet you wouldn't be getting any. For the next 20 mins he is dead set that we had rum or have rum....well finally i get annoyed and open the fridge to get my niece a cup and he points and say SEE MOMMY RUM!!!.....and grabs a bottle of ginger ale out of the fridge.....oh of course cause i definitely put 2 and 2 together..(sigh) I also think he just called my niece a creeper but again not too sure and I think baby wants pee pods? I do know that I personally am a butthead that was definitely clear.
Some of things he can't say are one of a kind. For instance he has an aunt hell and yes he calls her that to her face , Baby's name is pee pee (it's actually peyton) and for some odd reason he thinks his name is bob or boy depends on the day but he answers to jason its just if you ask him what his name is he says either bob or boy and he definitely has no clue what his sisters names are...they are just sissy and other sissy. Then I babysit riley which he say fine and jr. who he calls werner..Sometimes its very confusing .For the record today his name is boy.
Now that we have addressed the caveman issue let's move onto the 6yo s  I have one thats screams everything he says and the other needs to carry around a microphone so we can understand anything she says. This morning it took almost a half an hour to get her to talk loud enough to hear one sentence. So this morning consisted of "lower your voice there's no need to shout" "julia you need to talk louder I can't hear a word your saying" and last but not least "I have no idea what your saying"
Sometimes it's hard to believe I still have hair.
baby is still laughing
and no dogs or furbies have been injured yet today...it's still early