Saturday, October 3, 2015

And the word of the day is..........motherf**ker

OMG!!! jason has learned a new word....motherf**cker...SMH I can't even take it. so we all know how this goes when a child learns a new word everything is is a motherf**ker , the dog , the fridge , his toys , the wood stove and the list goes on so now I am telling him don't say that jason that's a bad word he looks at me and says no mommy good word motherf**ker. this is so going to be a long now to top it all off after I have learned of his new word he has want and don't want confused..mommy me don't want eggs ok then..5 mins later me don't want eggs ...ok I heard you the first time...5 mins later me dont want eggs motherf**ker ...excuse me jason!!! ME DONT WANT EGGS!!!! do you want me to make you eggs? yes don't want eggs. ugh somebody shoot me now lol...thank god now he's "going to work" I ask him to pick up the toys to which he turns and looks at the baby and says pick up toys baby motherf**ker. I really want to laugh but parenting kicks in and I have to yell stop saying that..sometimes it is so hard being a parent. if I had my own reality show people would think it was scripted.
baby is still laughing
layla is a motherf**ker
and jason is armed with a hammer
let's think positive thoughts