Thursday, October 8, 2015


I had to laugh at last nights conversation between the two 6 yos. Dad was outside fixing big sisters jeep so I sat the 2 older ones down for dinner jason was sleeping so I was just putting around the kitchen cleaning up a bit when they start talking about school.
julia: aiden wants me to ask you why you are mad at him
robbie: because he broke connors toy on purpose
julia: it wasnt on purpose it was an accident
robbie: no it wasn't julia connor told me
julia: well aiden told me it was an accident
robbie: well it wasn't and I believe connor
julia: well I believe aiden and now i'm mad at you because you believe connor
robbie: well i'm mad at you because you believe aiden
julia: aiden is my friend
robbie: connor is my friend
julia: whatever robert
robbie: whatever julia
I cant believe this is happening already they are only in first grade lol
well after a few minutes of silence the conversation turns awful morbid and frankly quite disgusting.
Julia out of no where says to robbie I'm eating dead mouse guts ...omg julia i'm gonna puke robbie says..This is when I say julia that's disgusting..what mommy you have never eaten dead mouse guts? NO!! and I dont think I ever will ..well I might ...omg your going to be a serial killer aren't you? I just know it..out of all my children I figured if there was going to be some kind of looney it would be jason ...nope its going to be miss no it all julia...great!! smart and deadly ...another black widow in the making ...well anyway so she says with a laugh no mommy I dont even like cereal...then robbies says yes you do you like cinnamon toast crunch..oh yeah I like cinnamon toast crunch...smh I can't even this girl is just too now we are back to the dead mouse guts now and she is taking her spaghetti and let it dangle out of her mouth looking at robbie saying mmmm dead mouse guts warm dead mouse robert is in full on gag mode and I have to save him I said julia that's enough your being disgusting eat your dinner.
for all of you who don't know julia is far from a disgusting child she is OCD and not often very loud or doing crazy things..she is the child that sometimes your forget about because she hardly ever talks so for her to come out with the whole dead mouse guts is completely out of character..or maybe not lol you never know....

baby is still laughing
layla is cleaning up the leftover dead mouse guts
tarzan is we are all safe from harm for the next 12 hours
and I can definitely promise you no mice were gutted and eaten