Monday, October 12, 2015


jason gets his iphone out today and asks for what do fuck (uptown funk)so I get youtube up and we are listening and dancing around when I start to sing ...Julia says to me omg mommy don't do that I'm like what? she says sing it really sounds like someone is pinching you...Thanks julia...well I just thought you should know so you don't do that in front of people you might get embarrassed.
earlier I went to the store and picked up a few things and I got myself some cinnamon mentos,so I get back and I open up my mentos and jasons says me want some so I give him one and big sister says they're hot he says oh no me don't want a bit later I get them out again and he asks for one again so I give it to him ,he puts it in his mouth and immediately spits it out ,then goes to the bathroom and washes it off I guess thinking that will help ...nope I hear him scream from the bathroom me don't want this yuck!!next thing I know he's taking the box out of my hand and he throws it in the garbage I'm like dude what are you doing? me put in garbage too hot for you mommy. no they aren't too hot for me jason I was eating those mommy no more they are bad ...ok me give you one no jason give me the whole box I will be fine ......... 20 min meltdown about me getting burned from mentos.
Then I decide that I am going to make a cheesecake...Julia apparently is disgusted by the idea of cheesecake because she was like mommy why are you making a cake with cheese in it ..because its good and I want to I won't make you eat any of it so no need to worry. But mommy I just don't get it is there really cheese in there or is it fake cheese? no julia cream cheese omg like what you put on bagels? Yes... oh god your making a bagel cake ...lmao no Julia I am making a cheese cake I can't explain it just know its good and you don't have to eat it ....ok good because I don't want to eat a bagel cake. (this is where I just slap my forehead and give the face of why can't you just get this what's wrong with you)ok julia you don't have to eat the bagel cake ...cheese cake is all ready to go in the oven she says so where did you put the bagels?....... really? THERE ARE NO BAGELS IN CHEESE CAKE!!! ok mommy....then from living room...YEAH HISSY NO BAFFLES IN THE OVEN!!!!.....completely off the subject dude ...oh horry .....NO BAFFLES IN CAKE HISSY...much better dude thanks...welcome...BABY!!! NO BAFFLES IN CAKE BABY!!!.....sigh .....thank god that's over or is it I still have to take this thing out of the oven which may possibly provoke more questioning about bagels
baby is still laughing
who knows what laylas up to
and I'll be here for the next 2 hours explaining that there are no bagles in cheesecake