Thursday, October 15, 2015


Getting the kids ready for school today, Julia and I were in the bathroom brushing her hair and she noticed beard hair in the sink.She says did chris shave his beard? no he didn't shave his beard he just trimmed it.She then is silent for a minute, then she asks well why did he trim his beard? Did he have beard boogers?Me : what? She says beard know you get nose boogers men get beard boogers.Me (laughing) no Julia he doesn't get beard boogers. Then Robbie who is standing in the door way says Julia that's just crazy I don't get beard boogers. She looks at him and says well how would you know you don't have a beard.He says well I will one day and I won't have beard boogers.Julia then says maybe he should try brushing his beard then he would't get beard boogers. Does pa get beard boogers? I don't know julia I will ask him. Now here comes jason (who has a chocolate covered doughnut)proceeds to lick his doughnut and rub it all over his face and say me have beard me man. Julia very angry says to him you don't have a beard it's just chocolate doughnut. He then shouts ME HAVE BEARD!!!!! HO HO HO!! ME.. HO HO!! BABY ME HAVE BEARD!!! I still don't understand why he feels the need to tell baby everything and in the loudest voice possible.So for the next 20 mins he has a beard and he is ho ho. So I take the kids out to the bus and come back inside and he is laying on the floor on his back and layla is licking the beard off his face. I definitely feel as though I live in mental ward sometimes.
baby is still laughing
layla had a beard for breakfast
thank god I don't have a beard