Saturday, October 24, 2015


Jason has this deer head hanging on the wall in his room, you plug t in and it sings and talks.So this morning he gets up and gets dressed and asked where daddy was . Daddy went hunting , so he puts on his camo sweatshirt , grabs a "beer" out of the fridge and proceeds to tell me he is going to kill the deer in his room and when i asked him why he say pointing to his "beer" deer bit my beer. I said the deer bit your beer? yeah deer bit my beer me kill deer. he walks up the stairs pretending to shoot the deer while screaming deer i shoot you you bit my beer...MOMMY!!!! deer at aunt cole's house go to aunt cole's house shoot deer...deer bit my try wham deer...ME SHOOT DEER .....ME WHAM DEER...this kid is definitely something..well it should make dad happy that he's ready to shoot deer...however he is 3 and when he gets older if he acts anything like he does now i'm not too sure I want him to have a but at least that deer who bit his beer has been taken care of .you know we can't have deer just going around biting beers..that's alcohol abuse.
baby is still laughing
at least layla isn't getting killed
and when your hunting if a deer bites your beer...
shoot that motherf**ker