Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I really dont know what I was thinking today.My friend is having a get together at her house tonight and she brought me some apples to possibly do something with.so I do a little something with the apples and I have some left over stuff and I got this bright idea I'll make a pie.first let me start by saying I don't make pie ,never attempted to make pie but I bake cakes , I roll fondant,I should be able to do this no big deal......its been 4 hours since I started and have yet to complete the pie.why you ask ...well i am having problems with my pie crust for dummy's recipe yes that is the name of the recipe ...pie crust for dummy's ....lets just say I have not yet made it to dummy status..I have no clue if this dough is right, I can't get it to roll, I have used a ton of flour I followed the directions I have no clue what I'm doing wrong...but I am pretty sure I now know where jason gets his swear words from,I have covered my counter in flour ,I've had to stand on a chair to try and roll this dough..I guess pie is not my forte..but jason keeps telling calm down you ok mommy...lol love that kid .
So I have been saved thanks to jasons aunt hell who is a pie wiz and the only thing i have managed to make is the filling oh and I made the dough but needless to say, pie is the root of all evil and I have absolutely no interest in making a pie ever again. This is my first and last.I will stick to cakes and regular food.
And a special thanks to all my wonderful friends who were laughing at me..One day you will put out a cry for help and I will be sitting in front of my computer laughing at you!!!!
baby is still laughing as always
layla is laughing too
and several batches of pie crust for dummy's went into the garbage
SCREW IT how about a piece of pie