Friday, October 23, 2015


I finally had to put the parental block on youtube. Jason at some point I really don't know how but had found these videos about bigfoot or so I thought.well the other day he was sitting on the couch watching bigfoot video when all of a sudden I hear him yell "HOLY TITS".omg my head whipped around so fast and i said do not say that again what are you watching? He says bigfoot ..bigfoot said holy tits ..omg jason stop saying that..He then says to me bigfoot take shit ..I'm like what let me see that now!!.so I get the phone and it is a video of a man in a bigfoot suit and yes he is literally taking a shit in the woods omg parental block!!! At this point I have pissed him off and he puts up his fist and says in his caveman voice want hum dis (you want some of this) me beat you punch you. me want holy tits bigfoot..I can't take this kid some days I really just want to laugh at him. so needless to say holy tits bigfoot is blocked ...and this morning he was watching videos of kids getting shots at the doctor smh ...and I can hear him saying oh no don't cry ..oh shot hehehe ...oh good job baby..he really is something else.I can see many calls from the school in the future.
baby is still laughing
my niece is riding layla like a horse
and as for me...more coffee is needed!!