Saturday, October 17, 2015


My 3 yo who can't even speak english has decided this morning he will learn to speak russian....yes that's correct....russian. For the last hour he has been watching you tube videos on how to speak russian. On one hand I appreciate the fact he is interested in different languages. On the other hand ...I can't even understand half of the things he says in english. So when he approached me this morning and said me learn brushin I was like what? you don't even have any hair and plus it is not that difficult to brush your hair. He was like no mommy me talk brushin....Jason I still don't know what you are saying. Then Julia yells from the living room RUSSIAN!!! MOMMY HE'S...LEARNING...TO ...SPEAK...RUSSIAN..(like I need her to talking to me like I'm dumb )..Me : WHAT!!! WHY ? he can't even speak english. Julia then says GREAT!! now we really won't know what he's saying..exactly what I was thinking. But he is and he is walking around saying what I think is hello in russian ...I had to google it because I wasn't sure kinda sounds like a swear word which wouldn't surprise me in any way..So now we have a russian caveman...damn you you tube.Well he's not getting into anything or throwing a fit that's a plus. scratch that..disgruntled sister is not so happy about the situation. JASON!! we live in know where that is? its in new york and we speak english in corinth..smh lol not saying we live in america I said do you know where russia is julia ..Yeah its by if you say's gonna be a long day.. (sigh)
baby is still laughing
layla is learning russian too
and if this continues I may have to invest in Rosetta stone